Your Life Your Story - RISE UP

Toxic Workplace Culture with Tiffany Atkinson

September 14, 2022 Jill O'Boyle Season 1 Episode 25
Your Life Your Story - RISE UP
Toxic Workplace Culture with Tiffany Atkinson
Show Notes

A toxic work environment isn't a new thing, but now more than ever, unhappy employees are not putting up with it.  They are leaving jobs even if they do not have a new job lined up. In a recent study by SHRM, 58% of employees quit a toxic workplace job because they value their mental health more than being unemployed.  A toxic work environment can look the same, but they have different effects on an employee's wellbeing.  Tiffany Atkinson joins the podcast to  share her story of experiencing a toxic workplace culture while being on active duty in the Military.  She opens up publicly to share her experience and the effects this played in her life post Military.  She shares the signs to look for in your current or future company and how to handle it if you are currently seeing it.

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